2016 - 2017 Schedule

Stars of Tomorrow

November 5. 2016

Mesa Arts Center - 7:30 PM

Christmas Concert

December 10, 2016

Mesa Arts Center - 7:30 PM

Neoclassic & RomanticMasterpieces

February 18, 2017

Mesa Arts Center - 7:30 PM

Peter & the Wolf

February 27 & 28, 2017

Brits & Yanks

March 25, 2017

Mesa Arts Center - 7:30 PM


Board of Directors

Kathi Roark, President

Mark Converti, Vice-President

Katrina King, Secretary/Treasurer

Cathy Worcester, Executive Director

Patricia Cosand, YSSW Administrator

Roger Hall

Kirk Johnson

Advisory Board

Alice Brovan

Raul Espericueta,

Joe V. Palmer, CPA

Larry Ray, CPA

Sheri Rodriguez

Rodney Ross

Mission Statement

Symphony of the Southwest’s mission is to perform live, professional-level symphonic and chamber concerts for diverse audiences of all ages throughout the greater Phoenix area of Arizona, bringing culture, education and beauty to all those we touch.

In doing so, we provide locally-based, semi and professional level musicians opportunities to play on a regular, pay-per-service basis throughout the year. Our Youth Symphony of the Southwest provides symphonic repertoire performance experience for young people ages 15 through 20.

Vision Statement

Symphony of the Southwest is a premier symphonic musical force in Arizona, performing live orchestral music several times a year at the Mesa Arts Center and other Valley locations for public school children, adults and families.

As a 501c3 organization, we are committed to fiscal and organizational responsibility and transparency and committed to being a strong cultural and organizational presence within our community for generations to come.